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Contributing to innovation and  the Packaging industry

2018.6.6 Facebook marketing management

Smooth HIP now also support Face book identity  & marketing development

2017.6.6 Great market consumer responce for Slapon  in  South Africa

Slapon has been featured in a few Malls  and  Retailer stores for consumer trials that gained huge interest to open its first doors  for the region. Slapon was featured in all leading stores of Brights in Western Cape, South Africa

2015.11.6 Managing Director Arno Rabie spoke as a guest speaker at the Plastics Caps and Closures conference 2015

His topic '  Novel Closure design that can add value, creating demand and promoting brand loyalty’ that drew huge interest.

The closure can be significant in the package design and plays a role when it's seen as an opportunity to do more than just seal the product. We believe every single part can add value to the packaging industry and closures do so in many ways with a combination of senses, experience or psychological levers.

The key is to also balance value added experience for the consumer with a return on investment for the brand. The consumer experience then translates into brand stickiness. Keeping all this in mind,  it is clear that that the closure comprises a small percentage of the packaging cost but the perceived value could be much stronger as  a driver to the consumer purchase and thus of great marketing value.


We all believe that marketing value can be achieved for clients by having all the right factors to influence, in combination, more awareness of how the manufacturer should tick all the boxes for the brand.It is also clear that it's not just design that counts, but the experience of the design by the consumer, creating a pleasant reminder as to why they should buy it.

He also noted on the role of printed electronic breakthrough in packaging bringing a new era in added value for the Brand.

2015.7.18 Smooth HIP Sell Groovy Cap patents internationally to Bericap

Smooth HIP sold Groovy cap Patent to BERICAP while keeping some interest with an agreement that is a globally acting manufacturer packaging focussed on  closures with 22 factories in 19 countries across the world. Smooth HIP have worked in close partnership over past years while still keeping a strong relationship. BERICAP has generated in the year 2014 a closure sales volume of 73 billion being the one of the largest packaging manufacturers globally and who is a key supplier to companies like Coke Cola, Pepsi, Danone and in fact most industries. They have placed Groovy cap on their product list now as Stack cap.

2015.6.24 Smooth HIP accepts invitation to speak at the Plastics Caps and Closures conference 2015, Nice on the 4th and 5th of November 2015


Managing Director Arno Rabie was invited   as a guest speaker at the Plastics Caps and Closures conference 2015,

The topic: 'Novel Closure design that can add value, creating demand and promoting brand loyalty’

MR Rabie spoke on behalf of Bericap and Smooth HIP

2015.6.14        AMI's 3rd international conference

Managing Director Arno Rabie was invited   as a guest speaker at the PLASTIC CLOSURE INNOVATIONS 2015, Trends in the international closures industry. Speaking on 'Building brand loyalty and appeal through novel added value closure design.'

AMI's 3rd international conference on Plastic Closure Innovations ​took place from the 9-11 June 2015 at the Sofitel Kurfürstendamm in Berlin, Germany. The conference began with a welcome evening networking reception and exhibition on the 9th of June, followed by a 2-day technical programme.

Plastic Closure Innovations 2015 ​offered a unique networking opportunity for leading brand owners and fillers, closures producers, packaging manufacturers, designers and suppliers to the industry to debate the latest developments in the plastics closures industry and gathered over 120 attendees.

The latest example of product regeneration was turning a closure into a marketing tool with Groovy Cap, also known as aka Stackcap, working in partnership with Bericap since November 2012. He also has a range of patents registered internationally, which yielded insights into risk management for product development with patent initiation. He also spoke as a guest speaker at the PLASTIC CLOSURE INNOVATIONS 2015, Trends in the international closures industry. He has a invitation to The Crain's Plastics Caps & Closures Conference in Nice, the latest updates in the caps and closures industry. The ‘first-to-market’ opportunities and most effective packaging strategies.

2014.11.15  Opportunistic Brand Savvy Investors set to snap up Patent

Smooth HIP patents attracted interest after some were put up for sale, which will be under review until 30 March 2015.


Groovy Cap is  launched as Stack cap by Bericap International with interest articles  from diverse industry NEWS publications like: Food Bev Media, Plastic Machinery Network Polystyrene Recycling, Plastics News Europe


The company has now relocated offices in the UK but retain the years of business experience in Southern Africa and working experience at grass root level.  Our work in these areas has seen us gather great experience in both marketing and culture which complement our value added solution.


Smooth HIP   latest D.I.Y innovation and contribution is welcomed by Woodworkers institute, With great printed magazine media interest now you’re able to read about Slapon almost everywhere. There is huge interest  and you will see it mentioned in June by Professional Builder, The Construction, Index magazine, ABC+D Magazine, Public Sector Building Magazine, rci Magazine, GMC Publications-woodruning magazine, Good woodworking, Furniture and cabinet making, PHAM News, The woodworker, Heating Ventilating and plumbing (HVP).

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Photo by AMI

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