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We are an innovation hub and creator of company strategy solutions. We believe that it’s exciting to introduce the latest innovations and that’s exactly what we are achieving in a wide range of product areas.



Smooth HIP Ltd is an innovation hub and creator of company solutions. We integrate Marketing strategies within the value of product and packaging innnovation solutions adding value for the brand.

The company has now relocated offices in the UK but retain the years of business experience in Southern Africa, working at grass roots level. Our work in these areas has seen us gather great experience in both marketing and culture, which complement our value-added solutions. Our value lies in the combination of packaging innovation coupled with new technology.

Our experience means that we have a firm grasp of many tools which are used to market products successfully, many of which are our own innovations. This has allowed us not just to innovate new products and packaging but to work in partnership internationally while keeping the brand ethos. We believe that it is not always just slight twist in the design is all it takes to create something that has an added attraction and creates added value.

In the last two years we have not only refined our prime product in Germany towards engineering for lower costs (something everyone desires) but also fine-tuned compounding market strategy effectiveness, partnering with international firms and manufactures like BERICAP.

After 20 years of accumulated experience, we developed mature and highly efficient project processes. As you’ll see by reading the information on this website or dealing directly with our company, we offer a service that is truly aimed at helping all our customers achieve the best with their products for a return on investment.



Arno Rabie

Managing Director

Anthonie Botha

Financial Director

Arno Rabie is presently Director of Smooth HIP Ltd and Slapon Ltd and focuses on the kind of innovation that drives marketing and business strategy in combination with product development. A consultant in developing product regeneration, he has over 25 years of international experience, including 15 years in Southern African markets plus extensive industrial networks in Asia and Europe.

The latest example of product regeneration was turning a closure into a marketing tool with Groovy Cap, also known as aka Stackcap, working in partnership with Bericap since November 2012. He also has a range of patents registered internationally, which yielded insights into risk management for product development with patent initiation. He was invited and also spoke as a guest speaker at the PLASTIC CLOSURE INNOVATIONS 2015, Trends in the international closures industry. He was invited and also spoke as a guest speaker at The Crain's Plastics Caps & Closures Conference in Nice, the latest updates in the caps and closures industry. The ‘first-to-market’ opportunities and most effective packaging strategies.

His experience means that he has a firm grasp of the many dimensions of successful product development, having developed his own innovations with international patents. He has learned that what is required for real added value is not always just a slight twist in the design. Radical new ideas include such packaging marketing tools for companies like as Bericap one of the largest global manufacturers with whom he has worked in partnership internationally. Some of the innovations have enormous potential and have been extensively written about since June 2014. Since 1994 he has worked in Marketing and Business Development, where his focus was creating product value-add and product revitalisation within diverse industries in the Southern African regions. His strategy was always to add product value by enhancing the perceived value to the customer, regenerating the product to achieve the maximum ROI. His experience extended to packaging since 1994 and moulding since 2009. In 2002 he received his MBA degree from the Oxford Brookes University Business School (UK).



Financial Director

Antonie Botha


Extensive background and knowledge in the financial services industry enables Antonie to create value for clients. His leadership provides direction, he develops relationships that ensure confidence, and through creativity, a myriad of capabilities are available for solutions to client’s problems. Thorough and innovative, he meets the needs of high net worth individuals, successful professionals, business owners, retirees and closely held corporations. Through hard work and excellent results, Antonie has obtained a solid client base, and expanded his business through referrals from satisfied clients and other professionals. For 40+ years this dedicated individual has furnished people with advice, compassion and commitment. On the more personal side, Antonie is married, has three grown children, and has 9 grandchildren. He is an avid outdoorsman and particularly enjoys global mountain climbing, having summited mountains all over the world. Owning a small ranch in Colorado, Antonie especially enjoys spending time there with the family. Being a voracious reader, relaxing with a book is probably the activity where the most leisure time is spent. Whether operating personally or professionally, Antonie is as solid an individual as any with whom you could cross paths.


Regional Director

Dinesh Targarsi

Dinesh on the premise of providing our clients with a total sales & marketing outsource solution. He has extensive experience in integrating multiple marketing communications tools to minimize cost and maximize return.




Dinesh Targarsi

Regional Director


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